Fibre Optic – High Speed Internet Connection

Kookaburra has engaged Building Connect (Licensed Communications Carrier) to pre-install business grade internet services into every unit within the estate. This will give your business access to fast and reliable internet without hassles. It is NOT an ADSL service. It is an Ethernet connection feeding from our dedicated Fibre Optic network with far greater speeds and much more reliability.

While subscription to the Building Connect internet service is completely optional, it will offer companies at Kookaburra some important advantages:

• The speed and performance of your connection will not be affected by distance from the phone exchange nor by congestion on the external copper network.
• Guaranteed minimum service uptimes of no less than 99.5%.
• Consistent (and fast) upload and download speeds from $100 per month.
• Removal of all installation headaches and expenses. The system will be ready to go when you move in.
• Support from local staff in Sydney. No overseas call centres.
• A variety of plans to meet your particular business requirements.

Some of the tools you can also utilise through Kookaburra’s high speed internet facilities include:

• Web surfing and sending/receiving files at fibre optic speeds
• VOIP (low cost phone calls rather than traditional phone lines) which can save real money on phone bills
• Remote access to your office computer so that you can work effectively from home
• Video conferencing
• Automatically backing up your entire office data to a remote location

By pre-installing this high speed internet service, Kookaburra will offer its occupiers state of the art telecommunications.